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Many flooring installations require moldings and other finishing pieces to be applied at openings (door trim, window trim, base trim). Stairways may require stair nosing for the edge of steps and landings. To finish the installation correctly, create correct transitions from wood flooring to carpet, tile or other adjoining flooring materials. To add that finishing touch, moldings are often the answer. Max Floorings offer a series of five moldings to match each of our wood and laminate colors.

  • Reducer Used to join two floors of different heights.
  • Square Nose Used between the wood floors and sliding doors, fire places or entry doors
  • Quarter Round Used between the floor and wall. It can also be used with wall base moldings.
  • Stair Nose Used to attach to wood floors on the stairs, with a bull nose at the front edge to enhance the beauty of the staircase.
  • T-Molding Used to join two wood floors or hard surface floors of the same height.
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